Welcome to Cappella Bonajuto dining

The most exclusive location to organize your events in the most ancient heart of Catania.

Cappella Bonajuto is one of the few tangible witnesses of a far away era (the Bizantine era), which however may be seen and explored, but mostly lived through the careful management of this corner of history, which has made all this possible.

Once here you can choose to visit the chapel and its past, or choose it as an ideal location for your events or important occasions.

The experience will take you back in a time that began at the beginning of the VI century A.D.

Start your experience now…

  • The history of the Chapel

    The history of the Chapel

    A Byzantine monument surrounded by baroque

  • Our Catering

    Our Catering

    Buffet for your requests and every occasion

  • Guided Visits

    Guided Visits

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