Cappella Bonajuto: Historical site.

A Bizantine monument immersed in the heart of Sicilian Baroque.

Walking on Via Vittorio Emanuele, entering its narrow and ancient streets, you’ll find one of the strongest monuments of Medieval Catania: Cappella Bonajuto awaits you in all of its reborn splendor to be lived, just as it was in the past.

The religious building, dating back to approximately the VI century is found in the ‘Civita’ neighborhood, and this is where the Chapel resisted the terrible earthquake of 1693. It is rich with repertories from the 400’s and from medieval times. The paintings and decorations are very rare.
Concerning its original location, the ground level of the building has dropped over two meters due to the earthquakes and lava flow.
Salvatore, popularly known as Salvatorella, was integrated in the construction of the home residence of the Bonajuto family in the 4th century.

In the 1930’s the chapel was renovated by Paolo Orsi and Sebastiano Agati.